Skirt Types For Any Body Shape

Are you still on the hunt for the ideal skirt for your body type? Because we don’t like our legs, many of us wear jeans or pants to hide them. Or we’ve spent years figuring out which styles flatter us but still can’t find a skirt that looks well on us. Here’s how to pick the ideal skirt for your figure…

There is only one style that fits everyone.

Finding the right skirt for your body shape can be difficult, as some styles are only flattering on specific body types. So a big, 1950s-style hanfu skirt is a simple solution that works for everyone. This conceals any flaws and, when worn with a wide belt, gives a boyish figure form. You can go for a rock-and-roll look with a big skirt and petticoats, or a more conservative look with a shorter skirt and petticoats.


It’s critical to get the length of your skirt right. If you wear the improper length skirt, you will not be comfortable, and the skirt will not be flattering. Don’t be fooled by the notion that as you get older, you have to wear a longer skirt; if you have lovely legs, flaunt them. Minis aren’t just for kids anymore. Shorter skirts, on the other hand, look great with hose.


CurvesIt can be difficult to find a skirt that flatters your curves. On curvaceous girls, a pencil or a small skirt aren’t as flattering as larger skirts, which can look lovely (think Fifties bombshells). This figure can also benefit from the tulip design, however you must be careful not to go too Eighties with it.


SlimThose with slim, boyish proportions are frequently considered lucky girls who can wear whatever they choose. That is not the case. If your legs are particularly thin, they can appear to be stick-like (and I should know). A-line skirts are ideal for this kind since they provide a little form without being too confining. You may also attempt a maxi dress, but make sure it doesn’t have a lot of fabric. To provide the idea of more substance, shorter skirts should be paired with boots.


Pencil skirts are good for women with this desired body form (according to some, it’s the ideal body shape). You can also go for a 1950s vibe by wearing skirts with a slightly fuller hemline (cinch the skirt in with a wide belt to show off your tiny waist). Avoid wearing tight little skirts that draw attention to your hips.


If you’re a pear, you’re probably at a loss on how to conceal your hips. The solution is to wear an A-line skirt. This will pull attention away from your chubby hips and onto your slimmer legs. Look for a skirt that falls just above your knees.


What would we do if we didn’t have A-line skirts? They’re particularly great for the apple shape, which has a larger waist. This skirt style, like the pear shape, draws attention away from the broader area, in this case the waist. Elasticated waists are one type that the apple should avoid because they cling to the waistline and make it appear larger than it is.

Whatever their body type, everyone has a skirt shape that suits them. Leave it on the rack, no matter how much you adore a particular skirt type. It’s pointless to buy a maxi skirt if it suffocates you. What do you wish you could wear but can’t because it doesn’t suit you?

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