How to make real money with your Roblox account

Robux is a well-known term for Roblox. Robux is the currency you use to buy game passes, premium user-created games and other in-game goods. Did you know that Roblox games can make real money? Although the stories may vary from one developer, it is possible to make a living online with virtual money.

Roblox offers many ways to make money. We’ll show you how. Please note, however, that the popularity of your game or item drives revenue. You don’t have to put content up for sale in order to make a fortune. It’s possible but these cases are very rare. Roblox is hard work and dedication required to make big money.

Do you want to learn how Roblox can help you generate hard, cold cash? Let’s get started.

Roblox Dev Ex

Register for a DevEx account

To convert the virtual currency received into dollars or cents, you need to sign up for a Developer Exchange Account. DevEx allows creators to cash out their Robux at a fixed rate. Currenty, you can get $350 USD for 100,000 Robux. To cash out on Roblox, you must also meet these requirements:

  • Get a Roblox Premium Subscription
  • You must have at least 100,000 Robux earned in your account
  • Verified email address
  • You must have a DevEx portal account
  • At least 13 years old
  • Roblox’s Terms of Use are respected and accepted by all community members.

Roblox Premium subscriptions are available in three levels, each with its own price and benefits.

  • Premium 450 is $4.99 per Month and earns you 450 Robux each month
  • Premium 1000 is $9.99 per Month and earns you 1,000 Robux each month
  • Premium 2200 is $19.99 per month and earns 2,200 Robux every month

Robux are given out on a monthly basis. Roblox Premium subscribers give you access to exclusive discounts and products, 10 percent more Robux when the currency is purchased with real money, as well as the ability to trade Robux. As you will soon discover, trading items is an important part of generating Robux.

You can verify your email address by going to the Settings menu of the Roblox website. Even if you don’t plan on cashing in your Robux, it’s a smart idea to verify your email address. This helps to protect your account and allows you to reset your password if you are locked out.

Charge for Game Access

Roblox games are completely free to play and do not require payment. You can charge people for access to your game, which costs between 25 and 1,000 Robux. However, if you wish to make some money. People are not buying your user-created games; they’re paying access for your user-created games. Scammers are likely to try to sell you a game.

You should create video and image promotional videos to show potential customers what your game is about. Potential players won’t buy your game if they can’t play it in action.


Create Game Passes

Game passes often unlock features that are not available in the game. For example, a special suit that allows a character to fly. Passes that double experience points or double the earned gold of players or allow players to carry extra items or pets are more common. It all depends on what type of game you have created.

Your game passes should not be too complicated. Your game should not give players too much power or unfair advantage over those who can or won’t buy them. This will make your game “pay to lose.”

Make Perishables

Perishables can be single-use items that are intended to be used repeatedly. These items are always popular, regardless of whether they’re rocket fuel, gold, ammo, or XP. Roblox’s demographic consists mainly of teenagers and young children. If you want to charge Robux for perishable items, ensure that they are also available for purchase without restriction. This way players can still participate in competitive showdowns even though they have to grind for the item.

Fashion Clothing

Roblox games allow you to personalize your character by wearing cool clothes, depending on what title you choose. This is another topic. You can still download templates for clothing and create your own designs. The gear can then be sold (usually 5 to 100 Robux).

Recommendations from Our Editors

Roblox’s most difficult aspect is the drive to create more unique clothing than the competition. To create digital threads, I recommend Photoshop or GIMP as an image-editing software.

Trade Hard-to-Find Items

Roblox allows users to trade Limited or Unique items. What is the difference between them? Roblox once sold a limited item, but it is no longer available for sale. It was only available during a certain time period. Roblox sold a limited number of unique items once, but they were not available in large quantities. For huge amounts of Robux, you could trade a rare hat you have bought to another Roblux user, such as the one above.

A Final Tip: Avoid Scammers

Scammers are people offering free Robux, cheats or money in exchange for your account. Sometimes they will ask you to purchase their games. These people are not to be trusted. They might try to steal your Robux, creations, and items. Robux is not free! Robux scams are so common that Roblox has made it a policy not to give Robux away other than a Roblox Gift Card.

Never share your password or account details with anyone. Scammers will ask for your password if someone claims to represent Roblox. Roblox will never require you to enter your password. Scammers may also send you a link that cookies your account and allows the attacker to log in without your password. Don’t click on links that are sent to you. Roblox users may attempt to trade directly with you (there is no central marketplace for exchanging goods), but they do not intend to give your item. Be smart. Be careful.

Now use your imagination to create awesome games and related content that will make other Roblox users open their wallets. For more Roblox tips, check out Roblox’s own walkthroughs and my books on how to script games, also more fun is available with JJsploit, which you can download here.

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