How To Avoid Being Shy About Buying A Sex Toy?

Many people find it terrifying to think about buying sex toys in person. Shopping for sex toys online can be as easy as walking into a local shop, but with dildos. It’s also safer and less risky than shopping online.

Here’s a guide to help you shop for sex toys if you are shy or curious.

Sensationalizing it can narrow it down.

Claire Cavanah, cofounder of New York’s Bableland suggests that you think about what type of sensations you prefer and how you would use it. Thin or thick? Curved for a G-spot, or smooth and straight?

Megan Church of Austin’s Forbidden Food offers the exact same advice to potential customers. Megan says that penetration is something you should be thinking about. She explains that narrowing down the selection makes it “a lot easier than looking at a whole wall.” Most stores are organized in this way so that you can have the desired feeling without worrying about getting the stink eye.

Play the pre-game online

You can find reviews online about sex toys for those who prefer to dip their toes in the pool. You might not want to Google “dildo” though. There are several ways to research your purchases if you’re a shopper who loves to research them. Cavanah says that customer reviews from stores like Babeland or user reviews in media outlets can give you an idea about the merits and experiences with particular toys. You can also search online for blogs that have reviews of sex toys.

However, product descriptions and reviews can be just as subjective as sexual preferences. Church notes that the words “soft”, “hard”, “big”, and “small” are all relative terms.
Please do not touch

You see something intriguing but aren’t sure what it is? You can grab it and give it a spin in your hand. Just on your hand, for the love of God! You can buy in-store and save your pride by buying toys that are made to be touched. You can grope. You can also use your hand.

Take into account the material

You might be a bit neurotic, or Jewish, if you are going to stick these things in your body. Six basic materials are used to make sex toys: glass, plastic, metal, jelly (rubber, PVC), silicone, and wood. Depending on your preference, each material offers its own advantages.

Cavanah explains that glass and wood can be used to make dildos. They are non-porous and easy to clean. These toys, along with steel, are unbending and great for stimulation of the prostate or G-spot. They also look beautiful.

Be aware that different materials require different maintenance. Ask about cleaning and care instructions to avoid a Broad City moment.

You are not going to be judged for your love of butt stuff

Safe spaces are provided by safe places like Forbidden Fruit and Babeland. I felt less judged for buying a vibrator than in therapy. It doesn’t matter what you are looking for, it’s fine to discuss it with them.

Cavanah strongly believes that everyone deserves friendly, knowledgeable, friendly and non-judgmental customer care when buying a sexy toy. This is what Babeland was founded upon and won awards for. Support stores with this reputation!

The Church agrees. She says, “Walkout” if the staff isn’t friendly or talks to you.

You may have to be a little coy once the toy is returned. Anal play is important because toys cannot be stuck in every hole. Church says that someone broke her Rabbit (a vibrator/dildo combination toys) because it wasn’t made to withstand the force of the human sphincter. She sagely points this out: “If it’s phallic people try to put it in their butt.” If you enjoy doing backdoor activities, ensure that the toy is designed for such actions. I care less about the toy being broken than you damaging something else.

Ask about the most popular but don’t make a purchase based on hype

My definition of sex was 20%. I remember a strange lady who smelled like cats and patchouli came to my class to talk about sex in third grade and 80% Sex and the City. It was also responsible in bringing fame to the famous Rabbit (see above). It’s popular, but not for everyone. Church points out that many women are not affected by the high proportions. Straight dudes, you can rest easy tonight.

There are some crowd favorites, such as the Rabbit. The WeVibe 4 Plus vibrator that is most loved by Babeland is the . It can also be worn during sex. It can provide internal and external stimulation and the partner can also feel it. Remote control is possible via the smartphone app, as almost everything now has an app. Church suggests that women start with something simple like a bullet-style vibrator or a soft, silicone vibrator measuring five to six inches.

Although they may not be sold on Canal St, there are many knockoffs of sex toys. People are less likely than others to complain if they receive a faulty or counterfeit product. This only makes the problem worse. Church points out that “nobody tweets about a problem with their sex toys.”

Online shopping can be risky if your wig and trench coat are dirty and need to be cleaned. Church recommends that you verify the source of the toy, or direct distributor. Many third-party websites, such as Amazon and eBay, have no regulation. There are toys with identical packaging and designs, but lower quality.”

Jelly toys can smell like gasoline, or weed. These products could have been made with chemicals that aren’t safe for the body. Before you glue it, make sure to inspect it. Important note: Toys marked “novelty” are not meant for bodily use.

Sex toys should not be considered a gateway drug.

Your vibrator and fleshlight are not going to make you addicted. Relax. Relax. Church asks, “Are you managing your life?” You don’t have to use your toy for intervention if you are.

Church says that people worry about becoming desensitized from delay spray vibrators. Ladies and gentlemen, this is unlikely, even with regular use. Church states that while people can get used to having orgasm with certain toys or in certain positions, they may become accustomed to doing so. However, Church also says that the body and mind are flexible and that it is possible to change your toy over time. Your body will adapt and take the cue.

Sex toys don’t take anyone or anything away from the experience. Church said that your dildo doesn’t “take anything away from the experience” and “out of work”. Sex toys can be used to enhance a sexual experience for a single session or a couple.

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