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What’s the fuss about a orange peeler You’ll be able to tell if you have ever used one that’s dull.

Amy Hartranft is the general manager and beverage director at Prohibition taproom in Philadelphia. “Despite all the differences in opinion among bartenders, there is one thing that everyone agrees on: the best peeler can be affordable and effective. People new to bartending assume that expensive and good are equal. But the best peelers can be both affordable and extremely sharp. These are our top-rated citrus peelers that you should buy right now.

Best Overall: Kuhn Rikon Piranha Y Peeler

Hartranft says that the extremely affordable Kuhn Rikon Original Swiss Swiss Y-peelers is the best choice for peelers. They are affordable and leave very little pith when peeling citrus, due to the angle and shape of the blade. They are small and lightweight and can be carried in any hand. This reduces the chance of you getting knuckled while moving fast.

She continues, “at a few dollars per one, they’re easily replaceable–remember the blade will eventually get rusty, especially if it’s left sitting in water. These bad boys last a long time, stay sharp and are worth the investment (if not kept in water).

She concludes that “Kuhn’s Y Peelers provide perfect straight, thin pithless orange peelsand offer lightweight mobility, for a fraction what larger, clunkier and higher-end peelers cost.”

Chef Harvey Classic Swiss Peeler is the best for professionals

Alex Negranza is the bar manager at Houston’s MARCH, which focuses on tasting menus. “This is my first wide peeler that I fell in love. It is so smooth and easy to use!

Chef Harvey’s peeler is made of carbon steel and has a stainless-steel handle. It cuts through vegetable and fruit skins quickly, removing citrus rinds and separating thin cucumber strands.

“You can order replacement parts for your peeler parts, which is the best thing about it! They will eventually become dull or rusted, which is a common problem with citrus peelers. I hate to throw them away. The classic metal ones can be used for staff and other people. They are simple to clean and maintain and inexpensive enough to replace if they get damaged or borrowed by someone else.

Best Y Peeler: OXO Good Grips Y Peeler

” I can’t stress enough the importance of having a reliable peeler behind a bar, and the OXOGood Grips Y peeler has been my go-to peeler,” says Joan Percival, a bartender for Proof Whiskey bar and Craft Cocktails. “Of all the many peelers I have tried, discarded or broken I keep coming back at these little budget miracles!” Percival recalls that she used to own a chrome peeler. It was expensive and beautiful, but it had a tendency to disappear from busy bar tops. Also, it was difficult to sharpen without a smith!

OXO’s versatile blade and soft, cushioned handles are what she relies upon to peel her lemons and oranges. “The citrus twist is such an important addition to many cocktails, it’s hard to overstate how crucial it is for a reliable Y-slicer behind the bar. But it’s more about your familiarity and skills with it than the peeler itself. I advise you to find one that you love and to stick with it.

Best Set: Kuhn Rikon 3-Set

Gregory Diamond, a bartender in Scottsdale ‘s Four Seasons, says that Y-style Best Citrus Peelers have always been a good choice for him. They are sharp right out of the box, and they are very affordable. This makes them easy to replace over time. These razors will see a lot of usage so it is better to treat them as disposable razors. If you don’t plan to use it at home, don’t purchase a fancy one. You can get a five-pack for as little as $5 and you’re good to go!

Bartenders love Kuhn Rikon for their sharp and affordable peelers. These low-cost options have carbon steel blades, and an ergonomic design that can be used with both left and right hand. This set includes red, green and yellow options.

Scott Baird, owner of Zeppelin Nashville swears by these Kuhn Rikon blades. They are without a doubt the best citrus peelers. These are easy to customize with your choice of color, and they are also very affordable to replace.

Best Straight Peeler: Microplane Pro Straight Peeler

Microplane’s ultra-sharp knife is the best choice if safety is your top priority. The Microplane peeler features a small arch to protect your hands from the razor blade. This serrated blade can be used to peel all kinds of fruits and vegetables. It is able to cut tomatoes, kiwis and potatoes. The ergonomically-designed handle is soft to the touch and fits comfortably in your hand. This handle can be used right or left handed. This straight peeler is durable and will last for many months. It has quality, comfort, durability, and can be used for years.

Although many bartenders prefer a Y shape peeler, if you are more comfortable using a paring knives you might prefer the European-style straight Peeler. There is no better or worse style than any other, it all comes down to which movement you are more comfortable with.

Microplane’s choice is also dishwasher-safe. For a quick and easy clean-up, you can put the peeler in the washer after you are done with the garnishing.

Best Design: GIR Silicone Peer

” I’m bitter about the answer,” says Fogo de Chao’s Benjamin Pozar. “But the best peeler that I’ve used has been a basic budget-Y-peeler!” It cut like a knife through butter, and there was very little pith. The blade bent to the shape and gave a thin slice.

Gir’s silicone peeler offers a slightly more modern design. It is extremely durable and well-made. Each one is constructed with a fiberglass core, and a silicone exterior. The handle doubles as an ergonomic handle. The brand also included an eye-remover on both the right-hand and left-handed sides of its peeler. There are two types of swivel blades: one flat version for simple strips, and one julienne for more complex peeling.

Best Zester: Orblue Citrus Zester

A peeler is an essential tool for any bar, but a zester is just as important. This multi-functional tool can be used in a variety of ways. You can bring out the citrus rind’s flavors with the zester. To add brightness to cocktails, sprinkle lemon zest on a Moscow Mule or sprinkle chocolate over a Espresso Martini. The versatile grater can also be used to make pillows with lemon or parmesan over pasta.

The 18/8 stainless steel used in this zester will ensure that it won’t rust. To make it less likely that the blade will clog, the blade’s square end is used. The durable, drop-proof silicon handle and body are easy to hold and grip. While the razor-sharp teeth give you equal zest every time, they’re also comfortable to hold.

The Opinel Knife is the most versatile

A traditional peeler is a good choice, but many chefs prefer to use a sharp blade to remove skins and rinds.

Pozar says, “If you want to garnish your citrus peel with the most beautiful slices possible, you will need a knife you are familiar with.” A butterfly knife is a great tool for bartenders to give you an orange twist that’s better than any specialized peeler.

Opinel knives are indispensable for farmers and outdoorsmen. Since 1890, the iconic French brand Opinel has been making knives. The folding knife has a sturdy, elegant base of beechwood and a stainless steel blade. The blade is protected by a safety ring that slides closed.

Final Verdict

Kuhn Rikon’s peeler is a great choice for bartenders. It has a sharp blade, a low price and is very affordable. OXO Good Grips’s View at Amazon has a comfortable handle and a durable blade that make it a great peeler for home bartenders.

What to Look for in a Peeler


Most of the peelers in this list cannot be washed. This means that you will need to remove any rind or skin from the peeler by hand. You might find it annoying to have to peel the skin with a peeler that you can throw in the dishwasher.


The common problem with all peelers is their tendency to rust. A peeler made of higher-quality stainless steel will last you years before rust begins to show. Citrus acid will corrode metal over time so choose a citrus peeler made of higher-end steel.


They will rust faster than those with higher budgets. Many bartenders will opt to buy cheap citrus peelers and toss them when they start to rust. You can spend a bit more money and get a peeler that has an ergonomic handle, a sharp blade, and stainless steel blade. It will last for years with a little maintenance.


How do I clean/care for a peeler

After using your peeler, wash it immediately. Don’t let it sit in the sink for too long. The blade will dullen and corrode if it is left in water. Use a soft cloth to dry the peeler thoroughly.

Are there other fruits you can peel?

Yes. Yes! After use, clean the peeler thoroughly.

How sharp is a peeler’s edge? How sharp is a peeler?

A citrus peeler is a miniature knife that was made to cut through citrus. A citrus peeler, like any knife, will eventually become dull. You can sharpen your citrus peeler in a number of ways. To sharpen the blades, use a metal nail file. You can also run a paring knife across the blade to give it a little more edge.

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